Highway Department

The Highway Department maintains and repairs over 86 miles of roads, 3 parks and the Township buildings and municipal equipment. Currently, the department consists of six full-time employees and on-call employees. Questions regarding Township roads should be directed to Scott Getgen, Public Works Director . You may call 938-6992 or email him using the link below.

Helpful Snow Removal Information: When possible, wait until the snowplows have cleared your street before shoveling your driveway and sidewalks. The intent is to plow curb to curb. Therefore, please remove vehicles from the street to allow a safer and faster snow removal process. If you do shovel prior to your street being plowed, it is best to shovel the snow to the side of the driveway where the plow passes last. Also, please clear out snow from around any fire hydrants within your vicinity. Thank you!! Township Ordinance prohibits blowing and throwing of snow onto the street.

And remember to allow for extra time and be safe when the roads are icy or snow covered. The crew is out there trying to keep the roads safe for all residents. The application of anti-skid can take over 5 hours; while plowing 330 lanes of public streets can easily take twice that long.

State Roads in the Township Following is the list of roads in the Township which are state-owned roads. All maintenance regarding these roads should be addressed to PennDot at (717)848-6230: Cassel Road, Cly Road, Cragmoor Road, Kise Mill Road, Old Trail Road (from Taylor to Yocumtown Roads), Pines Road, Potts Hill Road, Reeser Hill Road, River Drive Road, Sheep Bridge Road, Valley Road, Whisler Road, Yocumtown Road, York Road and York Haven Road.

Please call Penn Dot at 717-848-6230 for dead deer on a state road or on a Township road call the Game Commission at 814-643-1831. For trees on power lines you may call Met-Ed at 1-800-544-4877.