Administrative Offices
1915 Old Trail Road
Etters, PA 17319


Offices consist of:

Township manager, Comptroller, Sewer and Zoning Departments

   Office staff consists of 5 full-time employees,

Office Hours are: 8:00 am until 4:30 pm

Codes and Zoning: Temporary hours for Codes and Zoning 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

links to the most commonly asked for Ordinances:

Ordinance 218: Dog Feces Ordinance 218; - Dog feces (enforced by Zoning Officer 717-938-6992)

Ordinance 219: Dog Barking Ordinance 219; -Barking (enforced by Police 717-854-5571)

Ordinance 240: Grass and Weeds Ordinance 240; Grass and Weeds (enforced by Zoning Officer 717-938-6992)

Ordinance 296 and two Amendments: Speedway Ordinance Speedway Ord 296, 318 and 337 (enforced by Zoning)

Ordinance 376: Dog Tethering; Dog Tethering Restrictions Ordinance

Ordinance 378: Disorderly Conduct Ordinance 378; Disorderly Conduct (Enforced by Police 717-854-5571)  

Ordinance 393: Discharging  Firearms (Enforced by Police 717-854-5571)

Ordinance 395: Burning Ordinance 395; (Enforced by Police 717-854-5571)

Ordinance 396: Chicken Ordinance and application (Enforced by Zoning Officer 717-938-6992)

Ordinance 405 Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks

Ordinance 410 Amends Sections Steep Slopes SLDO

Ordinance 413 Regulating Vehicle Traffic on River Road and Midway Road

Ordinance 414 Regulating Panhandling in Newberry Township