Administrative Offices
1915 Old Trail Road
Etters, PA 17319


Offices consist of:

   Township manager, Don Keener, Accounting, Sewer and Zoning Departments

   Office staff consists of 4 full-time employees,
   and a Part-Time Codes and Zoning Officer

Office Hours are: 8:00 am until 4:30 pm

links to the most commonly asked for Ordinances:

Ordinance 218: Dog Feces Ordinance 218; - Dog feces (enforced by Zoning Officer 938-6992)

Ordinance 219: Dog Barking Ordinance 219; -Barking (enforced by Police 854-5571)

Ordinance 240: Grass and Weeds Ordinance 240; Grass and Weeds (enforced by Zoning Officer 938-6992)

Ordinance 296 and two Amendments: Speedway Ordinance Speedway Ord 296, 318 and 337 (enforced by Zoning)

Ordinance 376: Dog Tethering; Dog Tethering Restrictions Ordinance

Ordinance 378: Disorderly Conduct Ordinance 378; Disorderly Conduct (Enforced by Police 854-5571)  

Ordinance 393: Discharging  Firearms (Enforced by Police 854-5571)

Ordinance 395: Burning Ordinance 395; (Enforced by Police 854-5571)

Ordinance 396: Chicken Ordinance (Enforced by Zoning Officer 938-6992)

Ordinance 405 Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks